Personal Services

Refered   by: Christy Krueger
Company: Kissed By An Italian
Contact: Chef Mary Ann Brody
Phone: 256-8459
Comments: personal chef services and   catering. Absolutely fabulous food (not just Italian) and very healthy
Refered by: Alvin Jenkins
Company: Aaron Scheff, D.C., Chiropractic   Physician
Address: 402 S. Country Club Road,   Tucson, AZ 85716-5804
Phone: 326-5246
Comments: Forget about bone cracking   chiropractic physicians. I have worked with chiropractor’s for more than   twenty-five years. Dr. Scheff’s knowledge of human anatomy, Asian   medicine and techniques used with patients are superior to any chiropractor   that I have worked with in the past. His equipment is state of the art,   from electro-magnetic treatment to adjustments using hand held devices   for manual adjustments and manipulation of the spine. I would not   trust my well-being to anyone else. He may be the best chiropractor in   Tucson.
Refered by: Mike Smith
Company: Dr. Brian Mitchell
Phone: 881-6767
Comments: Prompt appointments, competent care Friendly staff. Prompt   appointment. Very skilled dentist
Refered by: Mike Smith
Company: Amenity Construction
Contact: Jason Miller
Phone: 631-2615
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Specialty areas are remodeling, drywall, carpentry, electrical Performed prep   work for bath remodel, hung interior doors, small electrical work. Honest,   friendly, showed up on time every time
Refered by: Mark Tuttle
Company: Affinity Eye Care
Contact: Dr. Robert Mulgrew
Phone: 797-8000
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Eye exams, medical attention. We’ve known Dr. Mulgrew for a very long time.   Top-notch and very knowledgable about various options.
Refered by: Mark Tuttle
Company: Adobe Dentistry
Contact: Anne Stolcis, DDS
Phone: 323-9327
Comments: Cleaning, filling, bridges, etc.   A small office where everyone is very friendly and competent. Dr. Stolcis is   very detail oriented and a pleasure to work with.

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