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Refered   by: Christy Krueger
Company: WeGottaGuy
Contact: Don Ledbetter
Phone: 207-0025
Website: Wegottaguy.com
Comments: Home service and home   improvement referral network. Over 60 contractors from pool service, roofing   and pest control to small and large remodeling projects
Refered by: Christy Krueger
Company: Catalina Landscape Maintenance
Contact: Murray Dew
Phone: 887-1204
Website: Catalinalandscape.com
Comments: Clean-up services, scheduled   maintenance, pack rat nest removal, irrigation repair
Refered by: Christy Krueger
Company: Cummings Plumbing, Heating &   Cooling
Phone: 293-6900
Comments: repairs,   maintenance/trouble-shooting, emergency calls and  installation of furnaces, air conditioning   units, heat pumps, swamp coolers and hot water heaters.
Refered by: Christy Krueger
Company: Friday Appliance Service
Address: 1906 E. 18th Street
Phone: 623-5741
Comments: services major home appliances,   owner personally handles many of the service calls, honest and efficient;   homeowners can also take small appliances, such as microwaves, into the shop   for a cheaper repair bill
Refered by: Alvin Jenkins
Company: Royal Roofing
Contact: Bill Cunningham
Address: 7948 E. Poinciana Dr., Tucson,   AZ 85730
Phone: 520-296-1897
Website: royalroofingco@gmail.com
Comments: Re-roofing, roof repairs, roof   maintenance, reflective coatings, waterproofing, roof inspections, new   construction. They replaced our entire roof, as well as roofs on patios. Rear   patio required removal and reinstallation of clay tiles running length of house.   They protected the façade on the house while replacing the roof   and thoroughly cleaned the worksite after replacement of the   roof. Excellent workmanship and service. We would not use   anyone else to work on our roof.
Refered by: Alvin Jenkins
Company: Hamstra Heating & Cooling,   Inc.
Address: 2035 E. 17th St., Tucson,   AZ
Phone: 520-629-9833
Comments: Heating and cooling system   maintenance, repair and replacement. They replaced the entire heating and   cooling systems for the house. Measured air flow volume, sealed leaks,   installed new duct work prior to specifying new systems. Installed two 5   ton cooling units and 2 high efficiency furnaces. Extremely pleased with   their work and ongoing service. We would not use another company to work on   our system.
Refered by: Alvin Jenkins
Company: Earthwork Landscaping
Contact: Dave Ponchahar
Phone: 520-237-9000
Website: dponcho79@gmail.com
Comments: Landscape maintenance, tree   service, pruning. Whatever you need or want to maintain your property.   Whether it is maintenance of your current landscape, or planting trees and   other shrubs. I would not use anyone else.
Refered by: Nicollette Daly
Company: Anything Wood
Address: 2755 W Ruthrauff Rd, Tucson, AZ
Phone: 520-903-0314
Comments: Cabinets, doors, islands,   literally anything made of wood. We’ve used them for multiple projects and   have been very pleased with the quality, customer service and price.
Refered by: Nicollette Daly
Company: Top Notch Renovations
Address: 2919 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ   85705
Phone: 520-628-4900
Comments: They remodeled our kitchen,   dining room and hallways including design elements and redirecting our HVAC.   They also did some remodeling on our rental recently, so obviously we’d use   them again!
Refered by: Nicollette Daly
Company: Air Quest Heating & Cooling   Corp
Address: 1745 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520-333-6767
Comments: We’ve been through a few service   providers and I swear by Air Quest – they are the best! And they treat repeat   customers very, very well while giving new customers a reason to become   repeat customers.
Refered by: Darin Bocian
Company: Artistic Metals, LLC
Contact: Craig Haskins
Phone: 520-909-4202
Website: http://artisticmetalsllc.com
Comments: custom metal works including   gates, mailboxes, doors, canopies, fireplaces, mantels, etc.
Refered by: Mike Smith
Company: Hamstra Heating & Cooling
Phone: 629-9833
Website: www.hamstraac.com
Comments: replaced ac and heating systems. very professional, knew what   they were doing
Refered by: Mike Smith
Company: Conway Tile
Contact: Tony
Phone: 747-9636
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Bath remodel and new kitchen tile – very professional, prompt, fair price
Refered by: Mike Smith
Company: Amenity Construction
Contact: Jason Miller
Phone: 631-2615
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Specialty areas are remodeling, drywall, carpentry, electrical Performed prep   work for bath remodel, hung interior doors, small electrical work. Honest,   friendly, showed up on time every time
Refered by: Mark Tuttle
Company: Arizona Tree & Landscape Service, Inc.
Contact: Ron Walcott
Phone: 790-1505
Website: www.aztree.com
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Trimmed down various Mesquite and Rhus Lanceas, planted Texas Ebony and other   various plantings. Trimmed very large mesquite to keep the tree healthy and   be wider rather than taller. Ron is very knowledgable and listens to what you   want.
Refered by: Mark Tuttle
Company: S & S Air   Conditioning & Heating, Inc.
Contact: Richard
Phone: 790-0115
Website: www.sandsairconditioning.com
Comments: Licensed, bonded and insured.   Perform annual maintainance, emergencies, and   four heat pumps (dual system). We’ve been   very pleased with their service and installation over the years. They don’t   push you to replace things, but rather let you know what the status of your   system is. BBB A+ rated.

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