Resident Pages

This page has links to all pages on the website that residents may want to access. Additionally you can print out a resident complaint form by clicking the link below:

Homeowner Complaint Form

All pages are private and password protected:

Current Directory is not available online.  Contact Stratford Management for a current copy of the directory

Neighborhood Watch

Treasure Trove


Meeting Minutes



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  1. Yashaswini Mittal

    I live at 2200 E. Camino La Zorrela. Recently I have noticed a marked increase in people who are NOT picking up after their dogs. We had this problem several years ago and then it was no problem for several years. I assume some action by the board was responsible for the improvement. Time to inform all the new residents of the policies. Very anti social behavior not to pick up after your dog.

    Yashaswini Mittal


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