Neighborhood Information

If You’re New To The Neighborhood

Welcome to Catalina Foothills Estates #8, herein known as “Cat 8.” We hope the following information will help you quickly feel at home in the neighborhood.

Welcome Package

Soon after you move in, your Neighborhood Block Captain will visit to welcome you and give you the most recent Directory of Residents.

You should have received a copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions when you purchased We strongly urge you to carefully read through the Covenants at your earliest convenience. Much of the information in this section of the website is drawn from them but by no means serves as a replacement.

The Directory should be kept away from public view, as it contains information that at least some residents do not wish to share with anyone outside the neighborhood (e.g., unlisted phone numbers). Included also in the package will be a form for you to fill out so that your information can be included in the next Directory. Your Block Captain will explain how our Neighborhood Watch program works and will be available to answer any questions you might have about our neighborhood.

If you’d be willing to help out with Neighborhood Watch, or think you’d might like to become a Block Captain in the future, please contact a member of the Board’s Neighborhood Watch Committee.

Trash Pickup

The neighborhood has contracted with Waste Management to pick up garbage from all residents in Cat 8 at a preferential rate. Your garbage and recycled materials will be picked up from the curb once a week, on Wednesdays, in the containers provided by Waste Management.

A list of acceptable waste, recyclables, and unacceptable waste can be found on Waste Management’s Tucson web site at:

Please do not move your garbage out to the street before Tuesday evening. It should be positioned so as not to interfere with the mailman’s vehicular access to your mailbox. Once emptied, your container should be back out of sight by Wednesday night.


You have purchased a house in the amazingly diverse Sonoran Desert, and one of the real joys of being here is living right in the midst of wildlife.

A couple of words of caution are in order, however. We urge you not to feed the herd of javelina that you may see ambling through our neighborhood from time to time. They have a great fondness for plants of all sorts and for whatever is in our garbage cans, so we’d prefer if they did not take up residence in our area.

We also encourage you to patrol your property periodically and arrange to have any packrat nests you find eliminated. These little guys, while cute, have been known to disable a car left outside in one night. They also serve as hosts to conenose bugs (“kissing bugs”) which can give you a painful bite. If you need help in identifying what a packrat nest looks like, please call a Board member.


Ours is a native vegetation neighborhood. Any removal of that vegetation, including cacti, mesquite and palo verde trees, that goes beyond standard pruning requires approval from the Board.

There are two exceptions to this policy. Desert broom is an invasive plant that will take over your garden and those of your neighbors in a stunningly short time. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that can eventually kill a mesquite or palo verde tree if allowed to grow unchecked. We would greatly appreciate your active involvement in eradicating these two plants from our neighborhood. If you need help identifying them on your property, feel free to call a Board member.

We would also appreciate your keeping an eye on the vegetation that borders the street along your property line and prune it back where necessary in order to maintain good sight lines for drivers and unencumbered road access for pedestrians.


Cat 8 holds its annual meeting for the neighborhood on the first week in November. At that time, we elect new members to the Board, hear reports from the Treasurer and other committee heads and discuss any issues that are of current interest to the neighborhood. Occasionally, we have a speaker or short program of general interest. You’ll receive notice of the meeting as well as a ballot in the mail at least one month in advance.

The Board meets on the FOURTH MONDAY every month (Except December) at 7:00 p.m. at the Catalina Foothills Church, 2150 E. Orange Grove Road. Please contact our Stratford Management representative to find out which room the meeting will be held in. All residents are welcome to attend. If you’d like to address the Board or have a topic placed on the Agenda, please let our Stratford Management representative know in advance.

Looking Out For Each Other

We would like to encourage you to offer to keep an eye on your neighbors’ property when they’re going to be out of town. Sometimes, this will mean just making sure that their request to have their newspaper stopped actually takes effect, so that newspapers don’t pile up on their driveway, signaling to all who pass that no one’s home. At other times, it may involve something more, such as bringing in their mail periodically, or watching out for unusual activity, such as a gardening truck parked in the driveway when you know they don’t have a gardener.

By the same token, we hope you will feel free to ask the same of your neighbors when it’s your turn to go away.


Pima County law requires that all dogs be leashed when off their owners’ property. Your neighbors will greatly appreciate your cleaning up after your dogs when you take them out for walks, since we’re not only a pet-friendly neighborhood but also a walker- and jogger-friendly one.


We assume that you will be careful not to make noise on your property that might disturb your neighbors. We would also ask that you monitor the noise level of workmen you hire, especially if they’re working outside, and that you not allow your dog to lapse into unfocused barking.

Speed Limit

The speed limit throughout our neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. Speed humps have been installed on Camino Miraval to enforce that limit. This speed allows neighbors to get out of their driveways with a modicum of comfort and residents to enjoy a brisk walk in the fresh air. Please help us maintain a sense of community and safe streets, especially for our children.


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