Modifications to Property

 Any modifications to the exterior of your home, including painting walls, street-side landscaping, driveways, patios, and auxiliary structures, or replacements of same, require approval of the Board prior to any construction or removal of vegetation. If you are planning a Solar Panel project, please see the guidelines at the bottom of this page. 

The Board has provided a set of design guidelines to help interpret what improvements are acceptable by neighborhood standards. Those guidelines, the procedures for property improvements and application can be downloaded here:

Design Guidelines

Procedures for Property Improvements

ARC Submittal Form.7.07.20

Both plan and elevation views are required, to scale, with property lines and setbacks clearly shown.  Details such as finish materials (adobe, slump block, stucco, etc.) and color samples must also be furnished where appropriate.

The Board meets every month, except December. Please allow a  minimum of 30 days to have your application decided on.  Please remember that the Board is elected from among neighbors who have agreed to volunteer their time and who generally have full-time employment elsewhere.

If you are planning a Solar Panel project, please see the guidelines here: Solar Panel Guidelines

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