Little Free Library

A  “Little Free Library” has been added to the neighborhood!  Stop by and take a book or leave a book!  Current authors include  Jodi Picoult, Barbara Kingsolver, and Carl Sagan plus a selection of children’s books and comic books. We hope you will use this library- there are more than 30 around Tucson.  

Cat8 has its very own Little Free Library–Check it out in front of 1965 Miraval Cuarto today!

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  1. Carrie Spillane

    I reside in CAT9 and have inquired with our Board about installing a Little Free Library. They had questions about increased traffic, given that our neighborhoods are private. My goal was to share with my neighbors, but I understand their concerns. Have you noticed an increase in outside traffic? I reside in a cul de sac so any increase would be very noticeable. Did you post it on the website? My plan was to avoid that because I would not want to encourage people to enter a private neighborhood or mislead anyone. My goal is to simply share books with those in my lovely neighborhood. Any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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